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What is Shopatron?

Shopatron is the order processor for K2 Skis.

This means that after purchasing product from, you will receive email communication regarding order and shipment status from Shopatron.

In addition to email communication, all returns are processed through Shopatron. To initiate a return, cancel an order, or check order status, log into your Shopatron Account.

At any point in the order process you may be contacted by Shopatron, K2, or a K2 Skis retail fulfillment partner directly.

What are Order Fulfillment Partners?

By ordering product from you are directly supporting your local retailers.

Through the Shopatron tool, when an order is placed through, the order is assigned to one of our K2 Skis specialty retailers for fulfillment and shipment. Orders are assigned on a first-come first-served basis, with priority given to those retailers who are located closest to you.

When needed, K2 will ship all orders that cannot be fulfilled by one of our retail partners.

Through this system, K2 customers are able to support their local K2 shops when making online purchases.