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Locating a Specific K2 Ski Model

My dealer has a K2 Ski model that I cannot find on your website. What is it?
If you are looking for information on a pair of skis that are not located on our website, click here for a list of our SMU skis.
My K2 dealer does not have the product I want, where can I find it?
If you are looking for a specific K2 Skis product that is not available at your local shop, it is best to ask if the store would be willing to special order the product (providing K2 currently has the product in stock). K2 Skis sells current product directly from our website. If you are outside of the US, please make sure to select your region from the list at the bottom of our website in order to purchase product directly. If you are looking for an older product, it might be best to try searching for it online. Our current system does not allow us to locate specific product that may be available at one of our retailers.

Where can I demo a pair of K2 Skis?

Many K2 Dealers have demo skis available. Check with your local Dealer to see if they have a demo ski in the model and length you are interested in trying.

We also have K2 reps putting on demos throughout the US during the winter. Check with you local ski resort to see what demo days they have on schedule.